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Bertha AI Review: A Flexible AI Assistant for Writing and More

Bertha AI Review: A Flexible AI Assistant for Writing and More


Looking for a Bertha AI review? You’re in the right place! I’ve used this AI tool to write content, generate images, bulk-edit website content, and so much more. Here’s a complete overview of everything you have to know about it.

If you’re a beginner in AI-generated content, don’t forget to check out the tutorial section of this review. Ready?

What Is Bertha AI?

What is Bertha AI

Bertha AI is an AI-powered Chrome extension and WordPress plugin. It allows you to create textual content through a chatbot or specific writing prompts.

You’ll find out more about the features in a moment, but it’s important to highlight that you can use them on any website. Unlike other popular platforms, which come as standalone solutions, you can activate Bertha AI wherever you work as long as you use Google Chrome.


Here’s the overview of Bertha’s functionalities with samples showcasing how good the results are.

To test all the tools, I’ll use my latest Fylm AI review (a tremendous AI-powered app for color grading.)


Bertha AI chatbot

The first feature you’ll see on your screen is the chatbot. According to its WordPress plugin page, it runs the GPT3.5 by OpenAI model.

This means you can expect similar results as with ChatGPT. But unlike GPT4, it doesn’t have an image-generating feature in the chat. (There’s a separate one. More about that later.)

Moreover, the interface is straightforward, so you can send messages, receive answers, or start over when needed.

However, unlike ChatGPT, Claude, and other top-notch solutions, it doesn’t save your chat history. If you refresh the page or switch to a different tool tab, your chat will disappear.

Bertha AI text sample

I asked the chatbot to give me 10 ideas for camping, and here’s the result:

1. Explore a National Park: Choose a national park that offers camping facilities and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.
2. Beach Camping: Set up your tent on the sandy shores near the ocean and fall asleep to the sound of crashing waves.
3. Forest Retreat: Find a secluded spot in the forest, surrounded by trees and wildlife, for a peaceful camping experience.
4. Mountain Expedition: Challenge yourself with a high-altitude camping trip in the mountains, where you can enjoy stunning views and fresh mountain air.
5. Glamping Getaway: Treat yourself to a luxurious camping experience with glamping amenities like comfortable beds, gourmet meals, and hot showers.
6. RV Camping: Hit the road with a recreational vehicle and explore different campsites while enjoying the convenience of home on wheels.
7. Star-gazing Adventure: Camp in a remote location with clear skies for a night of star-gazing and marveling at the beauty of the universe.
8. Lakefront Camping: Pitch your tent by a serene lake for activities like fishing, kayaking, or simply relaxing by the water.
9. Desert Camping: Experience the unique landscape of the desert with a camping trip to witness sunsets over sand dunes and star-filled nights.
10. Backyard Camping: If you’re short on time or prefer a more relaxed experience, set up a campsite in your own backyard for a fun and easy camping adventure.

Plain and simple. These are the words that describe the output. Overall, it’s typical AI-generated content, so don’t expect anything more from it.

Writing Assistant

Bertha AI writing assistant

Alongside the chatbot, there’s also a space for long-form writing.

According to Bertha AI, it supports more than 25 languages. As with any other AI platform, it’ll work best if you plan to write content in English.

The main difference is that here, you can insert some variables:

  • Brand Name
  • Company Description
  • Ideal Customer
  • Tone of Voice.

These might be useful if you often communicate about your company or projects. I see the potential for time savings, as the AI is capable of using/rewriting this information according to the context.

I gave it the same prompt as before, and the output was similar. The backend AI model is the same, so the user interface is the only difference between the Writing Assistant and the Chatbot.

If you don’t mind using a separate interface rather than the Chrome extension, I recommend you check my Speedwrite review. (This is for those who want long-form content made by AI.)

Prompts Library

Bertha AI prompts library

Similarly to Custom GPTs, Bertha AI features some premade prompts you can use.

These are grouped into several categories/use cases:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • SEO
  • Marketing
  • Specialty
  • Extras.

What I like about these is that there are just enough options. What I mean by this is that instead of hundreds of universal chatbots (like in Poe AI), you get several handpicked ones.

For example, if you’re into marketing, you can use a tool optimized for AIDA or PAS frameworks. Creating a context with such a chatbot is much easier, as it follows the guidelines from each framework.

I won’t go into details about each one, as it’s something almost every chatbot features. However, I’ll demonstrate what kind of output you can get.

I’ve selected Explain It To a Child and asked about camping. As the input, I’ve used the previously generated camping list. Here’s what I got:

There are different ways to go camping, like camping on the beach, in the forest, on a mountain, with luxury glamping, or in an RV. Each one offers a unique experience in nature!

Honestly, I’m not ultra-satisfied with this specific one, but there are many more to check out.

Image Generation

Bertha AI image generation

I already mentioned how Bertha AI doesn’t have image generation as part of the chatbot but as another feature.

The usability here is excellent since you don’t need to worry about prompt engineering. You can provide a short input and click the Improve Description button to create a broader prompt.

You can also choose from dozens of fully dynamic styles, sub-styles, trends, and artists.

This means that the dropdown options will vary based on the previous selections. Once again, I leave it up to you to explore, but first, check out how I used it.

I wrote ‘People traveling to Mars,’ and Bertha AI offered me several improved prompts. I choose this one:

As the spacecraft hurtles through the vast expanse of space towards Mars, the passengers are filled with a mix of excitement and apprehension. Looking out the windows, they see the swirling colors of distant galaxies and the twinkling stars that seem to dance in the darkness. Inside the spacecraft, the hum of machinery and the soft whispers of fellow travelers create a sense of camaraderie and unity in their shared mission.

This sample also showcases prompt engineering built into the image generation feature.

Here’s the generated image:

Bertha AI Image generation sample

I got four outputs, but I liked the first one the most. Although the quality isn’t the best possible, Bertha AI can join the beginner-friendly AI art generators list.

WordPress Integration

Bertha AI WordPress integration

Although Bertha AI works on any website (as long as you’re using Chrome with the extension), a WordPress plugin is also available.

All of the previously mentioned functionalities are available in your WordPress dashboard. This means you can further speed up the process by directly generating ALT descriptions for images.

You might also want to use Bertha AI rephrase if you have a website with valuable but disorganized content.

Some options, like marketing prompts, aren’t integrated.

Moreover, if you use Yoast to optimize your content’s SEO, you’ll be glad to know that the app integrates with the Yoast plugin.

Overall, the tool is helpful if you edit/create content daily or develop websites.

How To Use Bertha AI?

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial you can apply to every website:

  1. Head to Bertha AI’s page on the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Hit Add to Chrome and confirm in the pop-up.
    Bertha AI tutorial add to chrome
  3. Click on Extensions and select Bertha AI.
    Bertha AI tutorial extensions bertha ai
  4. Click on the Activate button.
    With the Free plan, you get only one activation. Paying subscribers get unlimited activations.
    Bertha AI tutorial activate
  5. Open any website and hit the Bertha AI icon (like in the screenshot below.)
    Bertha AI tutorial start bertha ai
  6. Type the message you want to send and hit the Comment button.
    If you close the chat or switch tabs, chat history disappears.
    Bertha AI tutorial chatbot comment
  7. Use the tab menu to switch between features showcased in this review.
    Bertha AI tutorial menu

That’s it! In the More tab, you can check your usage of text and images under License. More about these limitations is in the Pricing section below.


Bertha AI pricing

Bertha AI has four different plans available:

  • Free ($0)
  • Monthly ($20/month)
  • Annually ($200/year)
  • Lifetime ($1500)*

*The Lifetime plan is paid with three consecutive monthly payments of $500.

The Free plan lets you generate 1000 words and five images per month.

Paid plans include 1,000,000 words and 50 image generations per month. You also get access to the premium version of the WordPress plugin, which you can add to an unlimited number of websites.

While describing WordPress integration, I mentioned the possibility of bulk-generating ALT texts for images. This is only possible if you’re a paying subscriber.

Furthermore, all plans have a 7-day money-back guarantee from the moment of purchase. The Lifetime plan has a 7-day guarantee after the first $500 payment.

Bertha AI Review – Verdict

Bertha AI is a decent AI-powered solution for those seeking a quick and reliable way to produce text and images, regardless of the platform they work on. The textual output is decent, but nothing special (no automatization options are available here). Additionally, the image generator is okay, but you won’t be impressed by the output.

However, the ALT text writer for WordPress can indeed speed up your workflow.

Finally, I’ll conclude my Bertha AI review by pointing out that it’s suitable for professionals constantly needing new content. If you don’t plan to do so, you can still install it and activate the extension when needed.

Check out my Article Forge review if you’re after mass-producing AI-generated content.


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